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Employees are unique and business teams have their own dynamics. If you or your management team would like to learn how to better leverage your team's strengths and overcome challenges, Culbert Consulting. LLC can help.

I have more than 20 years of management and hiring experience and ten years of experience in team development. By working with me, you will receive customized training and tools to help you:

Building Team Culture

Efficiency and productivity can suffer when there is conflict, poor communication, or lack of trust within a team. With my help, you and your team can gain a better understanding of the diverse personality and communication styles and then apply that knowledge to work together more effectively.

As part of this training, I conduct comprehensive personality assessments. I recommend the DiSCĀ® personality profile tools to my clients but am comfortable using any tool you find most helpful. DiSC assessments provide a common language to better understand yourself and others and learn how to adapt behaviors for improved interactions.

Management & Leadership Training

As a manager, your success is tied to your ability to lead and inspire your team. Unfortunately, the skills needed to be a good manager are not something we are born with. With my help, you will learn the skills of the best managers and how to apply them to get better results from your employees. This will improve employee retention and create a trusting and collaborative workplace.

Sessions are tailored to your unique situation and needs. Each training provides practical, actionable solutions and simple tools to implement them. I offer both individual and corporate team training.

Career Mentoring

Achieving satisfaction and success in your career demands self-awareness as well as the right resources to support your efforts. Culbert Consulting, LLC offers insight to help you master the skills needed to make focused and effective career choices. I will show you how to analyze your professional needs and desires. I will help you find the best resources and train you in how to use them to your advantage. Whether you are looking for your first job or transitioning to the next stage of your career, whatever your age and experience, I can help.


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