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Devin A.

As a college graduate, I knew I had the skills and abilities that I needed to enter the workforce, but I was not sure how to realize my potential and start my career. Martin at Culbert Consulting worked with me through the whole process to equip me with the information I needed to prepare me for landing a job. From capturing my achievements in my resume to applying and interviewing for different positions, Martin helped prepare me to actualize on my aspirations of becoming employed.

Throughout our consultation, what I valued the most was Martin’s experience and insight as a former Hiring Manager. His counseling helped me see through the mysteries of the job application process so that I could confidently seek out the positions that I knew I was capable of obtaining. After finding and applying for positions, we worked together to develop the skills and a mindset needed to effectively communicate my competency in an interview. As I went into interviews I felt comfortable knowing that I had done all I could to prepare up to that point. I could not have been happier with the results.

I am now happily employed at a company of my own choosing, and I know that I will continue to use the tools I gained from Culbert Consulting as I advance throughout my career.

Devin A.

Senior Game Tester @ Big Fish Games

Keith L.

During my summers at DigiPen, Martin was instrumental in my development as an effective educator and teacher. When I began working for him to develop curriculum, he lead by example on how to effectively manage relationships both up and down chain. When it came time for me to begin looking for an industry job I went to Martin for guidance. Martin showed me the resources I needed to create and maintain valid and valuable resume documents, how to communicate in an effective manner to prospective employers my needs and job desires, and how to effectively maintain professional business contacts.

With the help of Martin’s tutelage and guidance I have been able to kick start my career in games at a Fortune 100 company, effectively communicate and follow-up with leads and directs, and maintain effective relationships with my peer network. Martin has proven to be a valuable mentor, peer, and friend. I cannot recommend him highly enough if you are preparing to launch your professional career.

Keith L.

Game Designer

R. Smith

Martin was my director for more than five years at DigiPen Institute of Technology. I was hired as a computer science teacher, and under his mentorship became the online curriculum coordinator and later the online program manager with my own teaching staff. I couldn’t have shouldered the demands and rigors of leading the online program without the tools Martin helped me develop.

Martin’s coaching style built my confidence and ability to delegate, manage the right tasks to achieve specific outcomes, and measure the effectiveness of iterative improvements. “You can’t improve what you don’t measure” is a principle that, supported by Martin’s systematic coaching, will make you stand out and multiply your productivity in any position. He introduces clients and colleagues to time-tested classics in the management field by Collins, Allen, Drucker, Covey, and others – always with the challenge to take concrete actions to apply those lessons. These are core competencies that ensure you’re making right choices and consistently getting great things done with your team, even when stress, long hours, and ineffective results are elsewhere common.

Martin is equally adept at coaching communication styles, effective interviewing, career management documentation, and building resumes that stay on top of the pile. Current and former colleagues consult me for resume building advice, and my wife’s resume has made its way around more than one HR group as a training example.

Management and career-building skills can absolutely be taught, concretely and measurably, and Martin makes their application simple and straightforward. Best of all, they become second nature with regular practice! I recommend Culbert Consulting without reservation and will remain a client and friend for years to come.

R. Smith

Software Service Engineer

We help people become better managers and employees

Jeff M.

I wanted to take a moment to express my extreme satisfaction with the DiSC training you conducted for my team in 2014. As communication professionals, we have high standards for presenters and trainers. You met our expectations and more. Your command of the material was superb and your delivery outstanding. You kept everyone highly engaged, and made the information relevant to our day to day challenges. Over a year later, people are still commenting about the positive experience.

Here are some of the comments from my team members:

“After spending a day with Martin on DiSC training, I became more self-aware of my communication style which lead me to better understand and communicate with my co-workers. He did an excellent job walking our team through the DISC tool. I would highly recommend Martin to any work organization who is looking to bring in an expert on identifying ways to work together more effectively.”

“I thought the information presented at our DiSC training was relevant and useful. They kept the training at a good pace and do a nice job of interacting and involving attendees which helped with our focus and ability to take in information.”

“Martin was immensely energetic and very passionate about the material. I felt the way he presented the information was very clear, very relevant, and brought all the discussions back to the model , which was the common foundation that we were working from since taking the assessment.”

“I use the material that Martin taught all the time and it correlates to so many other teachings and theories that I have been exposed to going through some intensive management training here at Sound Transit.”

I wish that all of our training experiences went as well as this one, and I would recommend Culbert Consulting to my colleagues in a heartbeat.

Jeff M.

Sound Transit

We help people find more meaningful work

Career Transitions

Anne B.

I had been working in my field for six years, but a poor-fit position had drained my passion and left me unsure about what I could bring to an organization. I knew I had to make a change to find my passion again, find a cultural fit where I could excel and bring value to an organization. But I didn’t know where to start.

Working with Martin was unlike any career counseling I’d ever experienced. We dove deep into what I had achieved thus far in my career, but Martin also provided humbling, constructive criticism on what I had yet to achieve. Martin’s background in hiring meant he could offer realistic insight about the difficulties of the job search process, but he did so with optimism and care for my wellbeing.

Rather than throwing darts at the wall and praying they would stick, I could finally focus on finding the right position that suited my specialties, challenged my growth areas and helped me feel a sense of accomplishment and contribution again. Martin’s wisdom continues to ring true time and time again when I encounter others looking for the next step in the professional path.

Anne B.

Nonprofit Marketing

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